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Jeff_Grand Canyon.png Beach lInk Jeff became interested in landscape photography more than 45 Years ago. Photography was the perfect combination of his love of Nature and wilderness, art and spirituality and the technical requirements of the photographic craft. As did many young photographers, he was enamoured by the works of the great masters of photography such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Minor White and Eliot Porter.  Eliot Porter especially was influential as an artist who recognized the untapped potential of the 'intimate' color landscape. After finishing a professional education, Jeff acquired a 4X5 view camera and began photo-graphing the western landscape, especially the southwest canyons and mesa country of Utah and Arizona. Unhappy with the more common color photographic processes available at the time, he began learning the difficult and time intensive dye transfer process, a process which yields vivid color quality, great control over image features as well as longevity of the print. The dye transfer process was especially suited for Southwest landscapes due to its ability to yield rich deep colors, especially in the red and earthen tones. In 1993, after 50 years, Kodak, the only manufacturer of dye transfer materials, stopped making them. With an ample supply of frozen film and materials, Jeff continued with making 'dyes' until in 1998 he began working with modern digital imaging processes and materials. The digital process allows him to continue working with the same image and color controls he used in the darkroom with the dye transfer process but to a much finer degree. Currently he sells his 'vintage' images as dye transfers and more recent images as Fuji Crystal Archive lightjet images and Epson or HP pigment prints. He resides in Grand Terrace, California along with his wife, Betty and three sons, Chris, Nathan and Daniel.


Fine Photographic Images of the American Landscape